Translation vs Translation - Computer vs Human

A lot of people nowadays are trying to use a machine translation (they also name it a computer or online translation). And a lot of my friends ask me about the differences in machine and human translation. As for the online translation, I looked it through and I think that it is OK. It gives an idea of what a person wants to tell and all that. And of course a human translation is much better, but then you have to pay for it too. So, it is a really up to you to decide whether you want to use one or another. I find the human translation much better. When using an online translator, text comes out so funny and not quiet understandable. Its alright, but is funky and has no flow. I think it leaves some fairly instrumental parts of a text totally out at times. But if you have no option, you can go and use an online dictionary for a few of words as well. By the way not all translation companies or freelancers charge a lot of money. There are a few that charge a fair price. For example if you need a Russian English translation, then I know that for a letter to be translated - it is only two cents per one word which is not much at all. Here is their website:
I hope this helps.