Russian Letter Translation Research

So, an eternal question is — Should you go with a free translation tools, cheap translation services, professional translation services charging slightly more that a cheap one, or with an expensive service of some translation conglomerate?

Well we also wanted to know the answer, so our sponsors helped us on our research in this field...
We prepared a medium size letter in Russian to send to some Russian translation companies offering different prices for Russian letter translation service.

We googled for Russian translation and got a lot of results. Here is a screenshot for you.

OK, so on the top of the page you can see Free translators. They will give you a rough idea of what is written in your letter....It's your choice....

Then goes a Russian Translation service company which offers a Russian letter translated for four cents per word. We sent them our letter. The response came as soon as within 45 minutes, which was a record. Our linguists analyzed the translation and it got 4.5 out of 5, which I think is pretty high score.

Then I found a website of a person from Ukraine who was offering translation as well. The price was two cents per word. I sent a translation and got a response 11 hours later (I figured that was because of the time difference between Ukraine and USA). Well I got my translation and it seems that a lot of words were misunderstood by a translator, or he was using a machine translation. The overall work got 2.8 points.

Then we found a website which charged ten cents per word for a letter translation!!!! Wow, that's a lot!!! But we still wanted to try it out. Well we got a response from the website pretty fast in about an hour and a half. The quality of the translation was great for a book translation. This means that a Russian person would think that Pushkin, or Dostoevsky wrote the letter to her/him. The language was old fashioned. It seems that the translator has never been to the US and does not understand the culture. So they got 3.6 points.

I hope very much that this research will help you choose the right translation services for your needs.

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