Easy to Learn Russian Words

According to a recent survey held on one of the Russian translation service websites, these are the most popular Russian language words and short sentences people are looking for in search engines like google.

PLEASE - Russian translation for that word is POZHALUISTA or ПОЖАЛУЙСТА.

Here is a usage example for you: Can you PLEASE forward me that Russian certified translation today?

The stress should be on the second syllable which is ZHA.


The next easy to learn word is

How are you? - Kak Djela? or Как Дела?


Good - Harasho - Хорошо.


Happy Birthday in Russian will be S dnyom Razhdeniya - С днём рождения!


Super in Russian is going to be Super - Супер - almost the same like in English=) - so this is the easiest to learn Russian word.


Bye - Paka - Пока


Next time I will try to compose a list of useful words for special occasion like a birthday.
So, see you soon.

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