Searching 'Russian Translation' in Google

This post is dedicated to those of you who are fighting search engines to give you the results you want. Particularly I'm talking about the words "Russian Translation."

The main objective you need to look for when doing a search in Google is to BE SPECIFIC.

But at the same time there are two kinds of free translation on the web:

1)Translation made by a machine or a software, if this is the case, then you need to type in "Free Internet Russian Translation" and our favorite search engine will bring you the results you are looking for.

2)And there is also a free translation which is done by a human-volunteer. These kind people usually hang out in so called forums. So, if you need a translation done by a Russian-speaking person, then "Free Russian Translation Forum" word combination is the right one.

  • If you are looking for a Russian Translation company, then try to help the machine to recognize your need. There are different types of translations. For example, if you have a letter that needs to be translated into Russian, then go ahead and search for "Russian Letter Translation".

  • If you need a legal paper to translate for a Government use, then search for "Russian Legal Translation" or "Russian Legal Document Translation."

  • If you are anxious to get your diploma or a birth certificate translated into English or Russian, then do a "Russian Certified Translation" or to be more specific - try "Russian Birth Certificate Translation" etc.

  • If you don't know Russian language and want to translate a website into English, then "Russian Website Translation" is the right search term for you. As far as now, the best free website or url translator on the web is Google Translator which can be found here: With its help you can translate loooong texts as long as whole websites. And it works for many languages -23 of them.

A technical translation is not that easy and you will need to ask a professional company to help you with that, so start with Russian Technical Translation and somebody will be there for you.

Over the phone translation is the only kind of translation that won't be done without a translator's help. If a written text in a foreign language can be "understood" somehow, at least you can get an idea, then a spoken language - no way here. So, you can just look for a "Russian Phone Translation" or a "Russian Telephone Translation" and you will be fine.

So, I hope the guide will help you to better find your way around in the net of Russian translation world.

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