Wedding Toast in Russian language

This toast was a part of a Russian English document that was translated by a certified Russian translator:

Дорогие Наталия и Федор!

Так уж случилось, что Господь создал уникальную ситуацию для вас. Никому неведомыми мотивациями и тропами вы шли друг к другу, в прямом смысле, из разных миров. Настя приехала в Америку из Европы, страны Латвия. Крег здесь жил давно, как потомок нескольких поколений. Когда встречаются две линии судеб, ранее отделенные пространством и временем, то природа в такой ситуации дарит шанс создать крепкую, во всех отношениях, семью.

Прежде всего, это будущие дети, которые рождаются крепкими, здоровыми, и красивыми, потому что родители – красивые и крепкие телом люди.

Во-вторых, есть все возможности создать высоко духовную семью, потому что сегодня на наших глазах мы видим пару: представителей разных культур из разных миров. Каждый может принести эту культуру в новую семью. И вот эта разница в духовности, культуре и воспитании дарит уникальный шанс создать разносторонне развитую, крепкую и высоко образованную семью.

При этом мы все здесь имеем единую критично важную платформу: со стороны жениха культура воспитания его и его близких предполагает на первом месте семейные ценнности. Но и со стороны невесты культура воспитания ее и ее родных заложила точно так же семейные ценности. Поэтому создание семьи и ценность семьи – это та самая единая платформа, которая как цемент скрепляет и эту пару, и всех нас, несмотря на то, что сегодня здесь мы говорим на разных языках.

Чтобы новая семья смогла стать крепкой, долговечной и счастливой, молодой паре нужно всего две вещи:

Первое, крепкое здоровье молодоженов. И второе, искренняя глубокая любовь, преданность друг другу и терпение. И потому я хочу пожелать молодым бесконечной любви и крепкого сибирского здоровья им и их будущим детям.

Счастья вам!

And here is a sample translation of a toast in English translated from Russian:

Good evening everyone. My name is Fred and I’m Susan’s brother. I would like to welcome everyone here tonight and thank all of you for celebrating this very special event with the Johnson and Flower families.

In particular, I would like to thank Bela and Terry for hosting this beautiful affair, and of course, Anastasia for meticulously planning every painstaking detail of both the ceremony and this beautiful party.

And a special shout out to Aqua who has been an incredible sounding board and “mission specialist” for her big sister!!!

Now, turning to the toast, it takes a strong and intelligent man to realize his dreams and to achieve his goals in life and love. A man that is not afraid to live life to its fullest and embrace what is truly important.

But enough about me... I'm here to talk about Craig and Anastasia.

Two people who have come together today as husband and wife.

Anastasia, you look absolutely beautiful. Craig is lucky to have found such a wonderful partner to share his life with. You have been a loyal, caring, trustworthy friend and confidant. Craig is truly blessed that you have come into his life and I am so happy to have another sister.

Craig, you look absolutely beautiful tonight as well, although not as beautiful as Anastasia. I am truly honored that you asked me to raise my glass to toast your new life together and I am eternally grateful to God and to our parents for making us brothers. You are a devoted son, a terrific brother and now, a loving and compassionate husband.

In your marriage, may all of your joys be magnified by two as you share them together. May all of your trials and tribulations be halved - as you solve them together. And may your lives with each other not go unwitnessed, as you journey down the path of life and love, together.

In honor of your marriage, I raise my glass and toast Craig and Anastasia and their new life together. May your cup overflow with health, happiness, prosperity, luck, and peace, and may God bless you and your lives forever.


Russian Facebook - Odnoklassniki - best way to connect with Russian friends

Facebook is a very popular social network here in the USA. Almost every teenager's got an account there to stay connected with friends.

Well, Russia also has a popular social networking site - it's called ODNOKLASSNIKI. Word for word Russian to English translation of this word would be: CLASSMATES. This website is mainly focused on bringing together those who studied together in high-schools, colleges, universities, army units. It started operating in March 2006 as a free site. But in 2008 site's management decided to charge a registration fee - to protect the website from so-called "scammers." There are rumors going around that management itself launched computer bots that were sending spam messages to many users in order to have a reason for a paid registration. This is when odnoklassniki's downfall started...

Right now we have a stronger competitor with almost the same and sometimes even better features operate in the runet. It's called - VKONTAKTE. I guess it's the same as Facebook and Myspace in the United States.

These two Russian sites have a '.RU' ending if you want to check them out. An inconvenient thing about odnoklassniki is that it's not translated into English language, even though 'vkontakte' has an English version.

Regardless of this fact - many Americans are registering with this Russian site to make friends with (mainly) Russian women - it's like a substitution for a dating sites - and it's MUCH cheaper - registration is only $3 or something like that. You are probably wondering - how do they communicate??? - Well, they are using an online Russian English free translation tools like Google or a cheap Russian English translation service.

In this post you will find a screenshot of how a profile looks like on the website.

Russian Valentine's Day Wishes to a Woman

Valentine's Day - a holiday for lovers - the whole world celebrates it on the 14th of February. It started in USA in 1777, Europe - XIII century and Russia started to celebrate this holiday in early 1990-s. And it becomes a very cheerful event which gains popularity every year in Russia.

So, it might be a great idea for you to wish a Happy Valentine's Day to your Russian or Ukrainian woman. Here are some ideas of what you can write in your text message or a Valentine's card.
Also, it's always better to use a diminutive name for your beloved woman which you can find on this page with Russian women names.

And here are some nice names you can call your woman: Moya Dorogaya - My dear; Moya Lubimaya - My beloved one; Moe Solnyshko - My Sunny; Moi Kotenok - My Kitty;

First comes a transliteration of the wish, then comes a Russian to English translation of a little poem.

But here is the most simple wish: Happy Valentine's Day! - Russian Translation for that would be: С Днем Валентина! - transliteration - S Dnem Valentina!

Rozy Prekrasny,
Fialki Chisty,

Sahar zhe Sladok
Tak zhe, kak ty.

Here is the translation:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet;
And so are you.


Nastoyashego lubimogo trudno naiti,
no eshe trudnee uderzhat'.

It's really difficult to find a true love,
But it's even more difficult to keep that love fire.


this is a real good one, especially for a card

Ya otkrytochku takuju
Dlja nachala podpishu!
A pri vstreche zaceluju
I v ob'jat'jah zadushu!

First I will sign this card
And when we meet,
I will hug you really hard!

Segodnja ja lublu tebja bol'she, chem vchera,
no vse zhe men'she, chem budu lubit' zavtra.

Today I love you more than yesterday,
But it's still less than I will love you tomorrow.


Nasha lubov' - tvoi luchshii examen.

Our love - your best exam.


This is how you can wish a Happy Valentine in a joyful manner:

Vot kluchi ot moego serdca,
vospol'zuisja zhe imi,
poka ja ne smenil zamok!

Here is the key to my heart,
Come on use them
Before I change a lock!


Have a Happy Valentine's Day - only with your loved ones!

Compliments For A Russian Woman or How To Make Her Smile...

If you communicated with a Russian woman, then you probably know already that there are quite a lot of culture differences between you two, right? There is something that you think is really funny, but it doesn't make her smile, I mean laugh from the bottom of her heart. That's fine, because many people experience that. I prepared some "compliments" that a woman with a good sense of humor will laugh out loud. Below you will find a Russian transliteration for you to send it to her via sms (text message), also there is an English translation of those jokes so that you understand what you are sending her:-) Be fun for her and joke as hard as you can!

I'm looking at you and I'm thinking: should I get some more to drink or I am already in love with you...
Vot smotrju ja na vas i dumaju: eshe vypit', ili vy mne uzhe nravites'...


Excuse me, do you believe in a love from a first sight or should I come in little bit later?
Izvinite, vy verite v lubov' s pervogo vzgljada ili mne zaiti popozzhe?

Where did you buy so thin and crooked stockings?A vy gde takie tonkie krivye chulki kupili?

Do you clean your teeth with Comet?A zuby vy "Kometom" chistite?

You are so sinuated! Now summersault for me!Vy takaja gibkaja! Nu-ka, perekuvyrknites'!

Please tell me this - is your sister pretty, or she resembles you?Skazhite, a sestra u vas simpatichnaja, ili na vas pohozha?

Girl, your eyes are so big that one can be drown in them... And one can hang himself on your nose...Devushka, u vas takie bol'shie glaza, chto mozhno v nih utonut'... A na nosu - povesit'sja...

You, girl, should walk on your hands having so pretty legs!
Vam, devushka, s takimi nozhkami nado na rukah hodit'!

Madame, you have such a perfume... Is it for an attack or a self-defence?
Madame, u vas takoi parfjum... Eto dlja ataki ili samooborony?

Oh boy, you have so pretty legs. One is better than another one.Nu i nozhki u vas. Odna luchwe drugoi.

Wow, you are just an angel. I hope you are without wings though...O, vy prosto angel. Nadejus', bez krylywek...

No, of course not! You don't seem to me "little bit silly." You are just a little bit smart!..Net, devushka, chto vy! Vy ne kazhetes' mne "nemnogo glupovatoi". Vy - nemnogo umnovataja!..

Hold on, madame, I will drink it up and I'm at your legs...Seichas dop'ju, madam, i ja u vashih nog...

Girl, you smell so good! What did you drink today?Devushka, ot vas tak prijatno pahnet! Chto vy segodnja pili?

PLEASE - Russian Translation

This simple word can help you a lot when you are communicating with a Russian speaking person through Russian letters, or even over the telephone. Don't worry about your accent - it will make it even prettier and a person will be delighted with it. There are not a lot of foreigners visiting Russia, especially in small towns like Novgorod, Penza, Perm, and people don't have such an opportunity to hear an American to speak their language.

So, the word PLEASE can be said in two ways:

1) - POZHALUISTA - pronounced as: pazha: lusta (where ':' means a stress should be there).

and a second option is

2) UMOLYAYU - pronounced as: umalja: ju (where ':' means a stress should be there). Now, umoljaju is more like I beg you, but Russians use a lot this word to replace pozhaluista.

Good luck to you with pleasing your Russian friends...

International day of "Thank you"

Today (11th of January) is an international day of the word "Thank you." Research showed that people visiting other countries who thank local people in their language get more increased service. So, if you are going to Russia, say thank you in Russian. Here is how to say it:

In Cyrillic: СПАСИБО - Russian translation: SPASIBO - pronunciation: spa: seeba;

Russian word "Thank you" originated in 16-th century.
Scientists proved that this magic phrase makes people happier. Say it more often and from the bottom of you heart!