Russian Valentine's Day Wishes to a Woman

Valentine's Day - a holiday for lovers - the whole world celebrates it on the 14th of February. It started in USA in 1777, Europe - XIII century and Russia started to celebrate this holiday in early 1990-s. And it becomes a very cheerful event which gains popularity every year in Russia.

So, it might be a great idea for you to wish a Happy Valentine's Day to your Russian or Ukrainian woman. Here are some ideas of what you can write in your text message or a Valentine's card.
Also, it's always better to use a diminutive name for your beloved woman which you can find on this page with Russian women names.

And here are some nice names you can call your woman: Moya Dorogaya - My dear; Moya Lubimaya - My beloved one; Moe Solnyshko - My Sunny; Moi Kotenok - My Kitty;

First comes a transliteration of the wish, then comes a Russian to English translation of a little poem.

But here is the most simple wish: Happy Valentine's Day! - Russian Translation for that would be: С Днем Валентина! - transliteration - S Dnem Valentina!

Rozy Prekrasny,
Fialki Chisty,

Sahar zhe Sladok
Tak zhe, kak ty.

Here is the translation:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet;
And so are you.


Nastoyashego lubimogo trudno naiti,
no eshe trudnee uderzhat'.

It's really difficult to find a true love,
But it's even more difficult to keep that love fire.


this is a real good one, especially for a card

Ya otkrytochku takuju
Dlja nachala podpishu!
A pri vstreche zaceluju
I v ob'jat'jah zadushu!

First I will sign this card
And when we meet,
I will hug you really hard!

Segodnja ja lublu tebja bol'she, chem vchera,
no vse zhe men'she, chem budu lubit' zavtra.

Today I love you more than yesterday,
But it's still less than I will love you tomorrow.


Nasha lubov' - tvoi luchshii examen.

Our love - your best exam.


This is how you can wish a Happy Valentine in a joyful manner:

Vot kluchi ot moego serdca,
vospol'zuisja zhe imi,
poka ja ne smenil zamok!

Here is the key to my heart,
Come on use them
Before I change a lock!


Have a Happy Valentine's Day - only with your loved ones!

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  1. It is Beauty… An Inspiration, A Confidence… In this special day, we pledge to celebrate…. Happy Women’s Day 2016!