Russian Woman and Man Name Translation

I meet a lot of people who are wondering about Russia and its culture, people and their traditions. And sometimes people from different countries are curious about Russian first names and last names that are commonly used in Russia. So, I asked to create special pages dedicated to female first names and man first names. You will find a Russian version of a name plus its transcription and a translation for a name. The other important thing on those pages are diminutive name equivalents which can be a very useful knowledge once get to know a Russian person closer and would like to call him those pleasant little names.

Russian Phone Call Translation Service

Russian Translation Pros offers a reliable and convenient Russian Phone Translation service. There are tons of companies and people offering phone interpretation on the web. And it is really difficult to find the right service for you. All of them seem to be pretty good at a first glance. But if you take a closer look, you will find some interesting and not very pleasant details. Some Russian call translators are available only 5 days a week, some have set up fees, some charge for a waiting time and a connection time, some "phone translators" are not professionals, etc.

If you are looking for a professional phone interpreter with a reasonable translation rates, then take your time before paying for the service you are not sure about.

Russia uses Cyrillic in SMS

Russian government has forbidden to send SMS in Russia using Latin letters. SMS - Short Message Service is a very popular in Russia. A lot of people use Latin alphabet when sending their text messages, because it is more economical. For example, one message can contain 60 Cyrillic letters and 100 Latin letters. So, people use Russian transliteration. Well, most Russian mobile companies transliterate their messages which they send to their users. And now cellphone companies must use Cyrillic alphabet.

Russian First TV Channel in Arabic

The first Russian TV channel was launched in Arabic. They say it is a window to modern Russia for the Arab world. People will be able to watch the 20-hour news: Russian, international, and Middle East news, events which are important to the Arab’s culture. This step was needed because of the strong need for a Russian channel. This Russian channel will reflect cultural relations with Arab countries.