How to Read Russian

Russian language is one of the most difficult languages in the world after Chinese language. But you can learn to read in Russian very easily. All you need to know - Russian alphabet.
Let's say you found this word in Cyrillic: Давай, well the transliteration would be Davay and the pronunciation would be dava'j and the Russian translation would be let's. You can read the pronunciation, right? Try to read this word then Дав...Any luck? I bet you read it. Dav. Good Job on this task.
To make it even easier for you, here is a Russian alphabet with Latin equivalents.

A- A (like in sum)
Б - B (batman)
В - V (Vogue)
Г - G (God)
Д- D (daughter)
Е- E (sell but softer)
Ж-ZH (say it almost like in Georgia)
З - Z (that)
И - EE (meet)
К - K (cat)
Л - L (lamp)
М -M (moon)
Н- N (not)
О- O (not)
П - P (parachute)
Р - R (ram)
С - S (site)
Т - T (teach)
У - U (like in book)
Ф - F (fool)
Х - KH or H (hook)
Ц - TS (think of this one yourself)
Ч - CH (China)
Щ - SCH (the same as TS=)
Ш -SH (and again as TS)
Ъ (to make a consonant hard, always goes after a consonant)
Ь - (adds softness after consonants)
Э - E (like in pen)
Ю - YU (tune)
Я - YA (kayak)

I hope I got them all. There should be 33 letters total.

So if you want to read, lets say this word written in Cyrillic: папа - papa - which means dad. Usually in short words like that the stress goes on the first syllable. By the way there are two syllables in this word made of four letters. Now try to read мама - exactly, it's mama, which means mom. If you see this word, мать - you would read it like that: mat', T at the end is very soft. You need to train on that.
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