Asking for Russian Translation of a BIG article for FREE - how fare is it to you?

I have a friend who owns a Free Russian Translation forum or a message board, where you can post your short sms or short texts and he translates it for you for free. Yesterday he told me about one guy who asked him if he could translate an article about Russian army rules or something like that for free. Actually this is exactly what he said: "I was wondering if anyone can briefly translate the following taken from a webpage. I was wondering if the author is suggesting that a conscript that has the proper background can go directly into an airborne unit (VDV), skipping basic training (Uchebke?) by following his methods". After my Russian friend provided a free machine translation for him, he wasn't quite happy with it. He said that he can't really understand it. Well, why don't you use a paid Russian translation. Don't be afraid, the cost for a Russian Letter Translation would only be 4 cents per word, which is really affordable comparing to other languages. Reading and summarizing an article this long takes a lot of time and efforts. So, people, please, if you need a free translation - use a paid one or bear with free online translators. Respect a work of others too. Russian translator is a profession, and it's not an easy one, believe me. Just to let you know that not every person knowing two or more languages can provide you with an accurate and right translation. Remember this please.
By the way, here is the post I was talking about: Do you think it would be fare to do the translation for free???


All of us know that translator is a difficult job. This means that every professional translator who would perform any kind of translation services like: medical translation, legal translation, technical translation, letter translation, phone translation will charge you for his work.

But what if you say want a translation of just a short phrase, or a text message from your beloved woman? You would think right away about going to a free online translation software, right? Let me tell you one thing: you will not always be getting an accurate translation which will make sense to you. And it's not because a person who wrote a message or a phrase was drunk or dumb, or something like that. It's just your free translator.

Well, here are good news for you: now you can google for a free translation forum or a message board and voila!!! There are a lot of forums and places on the net nowadays where kind people who know different languages are willing to help other people with the translation.

If you are looking for a Free Russian Translation, then I would advice you this FREE RUSSIAN TRANSLATION FORUM.

Russian flow to USA

If you are a Russian translation service provider or a tour firm or just a freelance translator you probably noticed that an amount of translation and Russian interpretation has grown a lot. In other words there are a lot of Russians visiting the United States of America these days. And not only Russians, but also people from Europe and all over the world who has a chance to get a magical US visa.
Well the reason is that the US Dollar has dropped dramatically in its value on all world markets recently. And now it's really cheap to visit this country. A lot of people didn't have this opportunity before when the $ was strong. So, if you are studying foreign language, you have a lot more chances to meet someone from the country you are learning the language of.