All of us know that translator is a difficult job. This means that every professional translator who would perform any kind of translation services like: medical translation, legal translation, technical translation, letter translation, phone translation will charge you for his work.

But what if you say want a translation of just a short phrase, or a text message from your beloved woman? You would think right away about going to a free online translation software, right? Let me tell you one thing: you will not always be getting an accurate translation which will make sense to you. And it's not because a person who wrote a message or a phrase was drunk or dumb, or something like that. It's just your free translator.

Well, here are good news for you: now you can google for a free translation forum or a message board and voila!!! There are a lot of forums and places on the net nowadays where kind people who know different languages are willing to help other people with the translation.

If you are looking for a Free Russian Translation, then I would advice you this FREE RUSSIAN TRANSLATION FORUM.

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