Certified Russian English Translation - Another point of view

In my last post I wrote about Certified Russian Translation service. Today I have found another provider of certified and notarized translation of documents. Their page described the whole process of ordering such service. And it was pretty interesting to read. They started explaining what does the process include. They mentioned that a certified translation will take no longer than 1 business day, which is very brave to put on a website. Another convenient thing about them is that they accept credit cards. I searched other translation agencies on the web and found out that not a lot of them accept this kind of payments, because they are working from overseas. At the same time a translation of a birth certificate for instance in one company starts from 50 bucks which is a rip off, plus shipping and notarization fees. A Russian certified translation service I am talking about offers a free shipping in the USA which is nice. But I couldn't find the cost for the same birth certificate which sucks. But if you need a Russian certification of a translation, I think you can try them out. And if you are interested to know how the translation process works, you should definitely visit their page.

Russian Certified Translation Services - Does Certified Translator need to live in your area?

We've got a lot of calls from clients who live in different parts of the United States. And all of them need a Russian English certified translation. For example a certified translation and sometimes notarized translation is needed for High School Diplomas, College and University Diplomas, passports, marriage and divorce certificates, birth certificates, etc. So, almost all the new customers keep asking if a certified translator needs to be located in their area or not. Well the answer is NO, a Russian translator does not need to be in your area. With the invention of internet, everything can be done electronically. Basically you can send an English Russian Certified Translator a copy of your document via email and this professional can work out of the copy without any problems.
So if you need a Certified and Notarized Translation of your documents, you can definitely contact this company: RUSSIAN ENGLISH CERTIFIED TRANSLATION.
They have a lot of experience in this particular field. You can check out their testimonial page.
By the way prices are very affordable as well, probably the most reasonable on the territory of the continental USA.