PLEASE - Russian Translation

This simple word can help you a lot when you are communicating with a Russian speaking person through Russian letters, or even over the telephone. Don't worry about your accent - it will make it even prettier and a person will be delighted with it. There are not a lot of foreigners visiting Russia, especially in small towns like Novgorod, Penza, Perm, and people don't have such an opportunity to hear an American to speak their language.

So, the word PLEASE can be said in two ways:

1) - POZHALUISTA - pronounced as: pazha: lusta (where ':' means a stress should be there).

and a second option is

2) UMOLYAYU - pronounced as: umalja: ju (where ':' means a stress should be there). Now, umoljaju is more like I beg you, but Russians use a lot this word to replace pozhaluista.

Good luck to you with pleasing your Russian friends...

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