Happy New Year in Russian Language - How to congratulate with the New-Year

You probably would be surprised to know that New Year is more popular in Russia than Christmas! Well, it is true. Actually, New Year is the most celebrated holiday in Russia. Government grants 10 days of vacation to everybody on this holiday - from the 31st of December to January 10th! In most cities all the grocery shops and malls are closed for about 2-3 days after the New Year. So, people buy a lot of food and drinks for the celebration.

The New Year is on the 31st of December like in most countries in the world. There is a tradition to watch a solemn presidential speech 10 minutes before the New Year's Eve. Basically the president congratulates all the people of the Russian Federation with this holiday.

Russian people celebrate New-Year with their families and friends. And they stay up late, so TV channels are on with festive programs. The most popular Russian TV on New Year is the First channel or ORT as it's used to be called. Some people book restaurants to ring in the New Year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR in Russian would be С НОВЫМ ГОДОМ!

You can pronounce it as Z No'vim Go'dom. The apostrophe in between these words means that you should stress those syllables.

You can listen to an audio recording of the phrase "Happy New Year" in Russian below:
There is no 'happy' word in Russian when you congratulate with the New Year. So, the Russian translation is just 'with the New Year'.

The most common greeting for this day is 'С Новым Годом - С Новым Счастьем' which means 'with the New Year - with the new happiness'. It is widely believed among Russian people that something new and exciting will definitely happen in the New Year and that the New Year will be much better than the old year. 

Russian Birthday Poems, Toasts with English translation

When your Russian girl-friend or a boy-friend has a birthday, you always want to surprise her/him. Here is a good way to show your creativity by learning or just sending a text message/sms on your friend's birth-day. Your attention is very important in this special day. These poems are specifically designed for birthdays. If you are at a birthday party, sometimes you forget words, in this case, you can take out your postcard with your birthday poem in Russian and read it out loud. The poems can also be used as a toast. It will impress your Russian speaking friend for sure.

If your birthday wish is sincere, it will definitely come true!

We have chosen the best Russian birth day poems out there.

1. Желаю радости всегда
И настроения бодрого,
Не знать печали никогда
И в жизни всего доброго.
Никогда не унывать,
Не видеть огорчения
И дни с улыбкой начинать,
Как в этот День Рождения!

Russian translation for this poem is:

I wish you to be always happy,
I wish you a great mood,
I wish you to never know sadness,
I wish you all the kindness in your life,
I wish you to never be sad,
I wish you to start your days with a smile,
Like on this Birth Day!

The pronunciation of the poems is:

Zhelayu radosti vsegda
I nastroenija bodrogo,
Ne znat' pechali nikogda
I v zhizni vsego dobrogo.
Nikogda ne unyvat',
Ne videt' ogorchenija
I dni s ulybkoi nachinat',
Kak v etot Den' Razhdenija!

2. С днём рожденья тебя поздравляю.
Веселись в этот день, не грусти.
Много счастья тебе я желаю,
А особенно счастья в любви!

Russian translation of the poems:

I wish you happy birth day.
Have fun this day, don't be sad.
I wish you lots of happiness,
And especially I wish you happiness in love!

And you can read it in English like this:

S dnyom rozhdenya tebja pozdravljaju.
Veselis' v etot den', ne grusti.
Mnogo schastija tebe ja zhelaju,
A osobeno schastija v lubvi!

3. Желаю счастья целый ворох,
Улыбок радостных букет,
Друзей надёжных и весёлых,
Счастливой жизни целый век!

Translation to English:

I wish you a lot of happiness,
A bouquet of joyful smiles ,
Reliable and fun friends,
Happy life for a century!

When trying to say it:

Zhelaju schast'ja tselyj voroh,
Ulibok radosnih buket,
Druzej nadyozhnih i veselih,
Schastlivoi zhizni tseliy vek!

4. Будь девушкой, уверенной в себе,
В своей борьбе, в тропе своей, в судьбе.
В толпе держись, как будто ты одна,
Как будто ты Богиней рождена!

Translated poem from Russian:

Be a self-confident girl,
In your fight, in your way, in your fate.
Be like you are the only one in the whole crowd,
Like you were born a Goddess!

And transliteration for this poem:

But' devushkoi uverenoi v sebe,
V svoej bor'be, v trope svoej, v sud'be.
V tolpe derzhis', kak budto ty odna,
Kak budto ty Boginej rozhdena!

5. Пусть день твой будет солнечным, прекрасным.
И розами твой будет устлан путь.
И каждый вечер - звёздным, чистым, ясным.
[Name here], всегда счастливой будь!!!


Let your way be sunny and wonderful.
And let your way be covered with roses.
And every night - with stars.
(Put the name of a birthday person here), always be happy!!!

And you can insert these words in an email or a text message:

Pust' den' tvoi budet solnechnim, prekrasnim.
I rozami tvoi budet ustlan put'.
I kazhdij vecher - zdyozdnim, chistim, jasnim.
Name here, vsegda schastlivoi bud'!!!

6. And I like this simple poem:

Под звон хрустального бокала,
Шипенье сладкого вина,
Я с днем рожденья поздравляю,
Желаю счастья и добра.

Raising this glass of sweet wine,
I wish you happy birthday,
And I wish you happiness and kindness.


Pod zvon hrustal'nogo bokala,
Shipen'e sladkogo vina,
Ja s dnyom rozhdenja pozdravljaju,
Zhelaju schastya i dobra!

If you need a personalized poem translated for your birthday boy/girl, we can always help you.