Enough playing with time in Russia!

On the 26th of October of 2014 at 2 am in the morning Russia will shift the clock backwards. And they will not touch it anymore. People will see the sunlight one hour earlier than usual. And hopefully the winter won't seem to be so long and dark.

The current summer time that's been in place for the past three years is two hours behind the astronomical time. Its main disadvantage is a lack of sun light. Many noted that one had to wake up and go back home from work in the dark.

When the time shifts, the time difference between Moscow and Central Europe will be minimal - 2 hours in winter and 1 hour in summer time.

Russian sport fans will also benefit from the time shift.

But not all Russian regions (oblasts) agreed to follow this time shift. That is why there are 11 time zones in Russia instead of usual 9. For example, Kamchatka will have 9 hour difference with Moscow.

Kemerovo oblast, Samara oblast, Udmurt Republic, Kamchatka will not shift the time. 

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