Lenkom Theater Celebrates 90 Years

The legendary theater stage has turned 90 years old. The theater's troupe celebrates this festival the same way as it acts on the stage – with energy, humor and optimism.

Lenkom - Six letters. This is the abbreviation, introduced by the generations of spectators, and these letters are more than just the abbreviation. Lenkom also stands for Lenin's Komsomol. The official name of the theater is State budgetary institution of culture of the city of Moscow - Moscow state theater - Lenkom.

Lenkom Theater building in Moscow, year 2017

The first spectators entered this building in 1927. At that time, a troupe consisting of enthusiastic semiprofessionals staged the plays in a former merchant club and tried to prove that the Theater of Young Workers had a right for existence. And it would have become “Lenkom” only in 1938. At that moment, it was directed by Bersenev, and later on by glorious Anatoliy Efros. But the real success was achieved in 1973 with the new art director Mark Zakharov. Like nobody else, he realized and still realizes what the theater hit is like, it’s when each play thrills everybody in the house to the bottoms of their hearts.

The theater must be a performance. A notion of a professional play is the following – even if foreigners come without a Russian interpreter, they still must take a delight in what is happening on the stage, otherwise, it is not the theater after all.

In the Soviet period the tickets to Lenkom could be exchanged for scarce food or clothes. In the nineties students reserved places in a come-in from five in the morning, marking ordinal numbers on their hands.

Congratulations, Lenkom!

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