Translation Mistake in a Toilets at the Eiffel Tower

One would think that such a popular destination as a toilet on an Eiffel Tower in Paris would have perfect or at least proofread signs in different languages...hélas...just look at the orange sign which reads HOMME in French which means MEN in English and МУЖЧИНА in Russian. Well, the Eiffel Tower management neglected to hire a professional Russian translator who would not make such a silly mistake as to translate MEN as ЛЮДИ which stands for PEOPLE in Russian language. In other words, a Russian-speaker who does not understand English or French or any other language displayed on the sign will be easily confused and might even go to a wrong section of the toilet which might lead to a great embarrassment.
Toilet Sign on Eiffel Tower with a Russian Mistake

Now, take a look at the second large sign which points your attention to a security checkpoint location in a Baltimore–Washington International Airport. If you speak Russian, you can easily find the translation mistake which was done when someone translated the word SECURITY as БЕЗБЕДНОСТ which means to be well off. Well, it appears that this word does mean 'security' in Macedonian language, so, not a real mistake but it might seem like it to a Russian speaker.

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