Translation vs Translation - Computer vs Human

A lot of people nowadays are trying to use a machine translation (they also name it a computer or online translation). And a lot of my friends ask me about the differences in machine and human translation. As for the online translation, I looked it through and I think that it is OK. It gives an idea of what a person wants to tell and all that. And of course a human translation is much better, but then you have to pay for it too. So, it is a really up to you to decide whether you want to use one or another. I find the human translation much better. When using an online translator, text comes out so funny and not quiet understandable. Its alright, but is funky and has no flow. I think it leaves some fairly instrumental parts of a text totally out at times. But if you have no option, you can go and use an online dictionary for a few of words as well. By the way not all translation companies or freelancers charge a lot of money. There are a few that charge a fair price. For example if you need a Russian English translation, then I know that for a letter to be translated - it is only two cents per one word which is not much at all. Here is their website:
I hope this helps.

Russian Woman and Man Name Translation

I meet a lot of people who are wondering about Russia and its culture, people and their traditions. And sometimes people from different countries are curious about Russian first names and last names that are commonly used in Russia. So, I asked to create special pages dedicated to female first names and man first names. You will find a Russian version of a name plus its transcription and a translation for a name. The other important thing on those pages are diminutive name equivalents which can be a very useful knowledge once get to know a Russian person closer and would like to call him those pleasant little names.

Russian Phone Call Translation Service

Russian Translation Pros offers a reliable and convenient Russian Phone Translation service. There are tons of companies and people offering phone interpretation on the web. And it is really difficult to find the right service for you. All of them seem to be pretty good at a first glance. But if you take a closer look, you will find some interesting and not very pleasant details. Some Russian call translators are available only 5 days a week, some have set up fees, some charge for a waiting time and a connection time, some "phone translators" are not professionals, etc.

If you are looking for a professional phone interpreter with a reasonable translation rates, then take your time before paying for the service you are not sure about.

Russia uses Cyrillic in SMS

Russian government has forbidden to send SMS in Russia using Latin letters. SMS - Short Message Service is a very popular in Russia. A lot of people use Latin alphabet when sending their text messages, because it is more economical. For example, one message can contain 60 Cyrillic letters and 100 Latin letters. So, people use Russian transliteration. Well, most Russian mobile companies transliterate their messages which they send to their users. And now cellphone companies must use Cyrillic alphabet.

Russian First TV Channel in Arabic

The first Russian TV channel was launched in Arabic. They say it is a window to modern Russia for the Arab world. People will be able to watch the 20-hour news: Russian, international, and Middle East news, events which are important to the Arab’s culture. This step was needed because of the strong need for a Russian channel. This Russian channel will reflect cultural relations with Arab countries.

Microsoft Online Translation Software

Microsoft has launched its language translation application: Windows Live Translator Beta.

The website urls are the following:, or Language that are available for now: German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Korean, and Arabic.

The online translator is powered by Systran.

Google launched an online language translation program as well.

Russian Sharapova ignores Russia

Russian and world-reknown tennis star — Maria Sharapova refused to participate in Kubok Kremlya competition. Kubok Kremlja is always held in Moscow. The decision was taken by Sharapova and her coach. She lost during last two Kubok Kremlya competitions. This is the reason they are not coming this time. This not-a-nice-behavior has been going on for a long time. And now Russian fans of this famous tennis player from Syberia are mad at her.

Russian hackers crashed skype

Some say that a worldwide skype crash was done by Russian hackers. But skype denies this rumor. On a russian web site there were a lot of articles dedicated to skype as a program itself. They showed different codes and explained that the program was dangerous for your internet identity. If you are interested in reading more about this, you can go to Russian search engine website and search for it. A Russian web site translation can be done with the help of your Russian translation software. Or you can always use google translation as well.

Russian Translation of Harry Potter

First of September a new Harry Potter book will be released in Russia. A lot of professional translators work right now on the Harry Potter Russian Translation. Printing houses try to prevent the illegal early release in Russia of the book. But Harry Potter has already been translated into Russian by some individual English Russian translators. They tried to get money out of this business. The first 600 thousand books will be available mostly in Moscow and St.Petersburg.

Russian Web Site Translation from Russian Translation Pros

Russian Web Site translation is a very complex process. Russian English translation of websites or English Russian website translation involve many translator requirements and skills. A Russian translator should not only be a professional translator, but also understand basic concepts of website-building. An English Russian Translator must know and "feel" the target and an original language he translates to. For instance, a website translation for a shopping cart should be for American oriented web site; but for a British English oriented audience it should be translated as: shopping basket. In other words web site translation should be adapted to the target audience culture. As with any translation and localization project, it is not enough to simply convert text into the destination language; rather the success of a website translated into a language different to the original depends on several factors: the contents must be adapted to the linguistic and cultural system of the target language. The other important thing is the search engine optimization process. A Russian website translator should know adapt the English keywords to Russian keywords which are the most searcheable.

Russian Translation needed for Russian Voters

There is no Russian Translation on instructions on how to vote, use the machines, electoral paperwork. So, many Russian voters are either lost in translation or just don't go to elections.
But voting materials are currently available in Chinese, Spanish, and Korean. Even though there are two times more Russian speaking citizens in New-York than Korean speaking ones.
So there should be a Russian translation voting materials as well.

Russian language translation: english russian translators is a web site dedicated to Russian English Translation and English Russian Translation Services. On the language translation website you will can find different types of translations and interpretations. For instance, they offer Russian Legal Translation, Russian Medical Translation, Russian Web Site Translation, and a lot more.

Have you heard about Russian Transliteration Translation ever? That what I thought. We will cover this language translation subject little bit later in next posts.

Starting from yesterday Russian English Translators as well as English Russian Translators will translate Russian Documents and Texts or English Documents and Text at an incredibly low for translation business price — $0.01. But this promotional offer will only be available during a certain period of time.

Some more news are coming about the Russian translation services. Keep tuned.

EuroVision - Serbia Ukrain Russia - Europe Song Contest Winners!!!

Serbia won the Eurovision - a very famous Europe Song Contest which was held this year in Helsinki, Finland. Many people are surprised with Serbia winning the contest. But there are no miracles... Serbia is in the "Eurovision" for the first time and this contry is independent now. So, as you can assume it's all politics. Besides their song, called "Molitva," which is translated as a Prayer into English had no effect on people.

Ukraine had a very interesting singer this year - Verka Serduchka. She is, i.e. he is a man, whose name is Andrey and he is a very popular in Russia.

And finally, Russia got the third place. I think, personally, the song was OK, but it's all Putin's achievement.

Russian President didn't remove hammer & sickle

Russian President Putin denied a bill passed by Duma. They decided to remove from a symbol of Victory in the 2nd WW hammer and sickle. There were a lot of discussions on this hot topic in Russian Government. So, now Vladimir Putin is a hero again.

Russia doesn' sell pirate CDs, Software, Music on streets

Russian Government prohibited to sell CDs with Music, Movies and Computer Software and Games on the street. It was a common scene to see people selling pirate versions of Computer Programs, all kinds of Foreign and Russian Music and newly-released movies. A person could buy for less than a US dollar a computer game which would cost in the United States $30 and even more. But if there weren't pirate products, most people in Russia wouldn't afford so expensive items. Refer to the average salary in Russia (not in Moscow — it is completely another country, like a lot of people in Russia like to say), and you will see that a person could only buy one Windows XP (or Russian Translation Software) operating system on that kind of a salary. We'll see how that business will be developing in Russia after passing that law.

LanguageScape Dumps Russian Translators

Hello, dear RussianTranslators.Blogspot Readers. I just wanted to share my own experience with online translation companies, being accurate, just one of them — or they also call themselves

When I first came to the US, I had troubles finding a job. If there are immigrants out there who didn't come on H1B, then, you will understand me. It was really difficult to get a job you want. So, I was running out of money. One acquainted of mine, suggested me to try internet search of online translation and

Having reviewed your application, we have determined that your qualifications meet our standards for becoming an LanguageScape translator.

I was so excited about it. And just the next day, I got a translation job from them:

You have been selected for a translation project. An overview of the job appears below:

Job Name: Russian Translation
Invoice Number: ...
Source Language: English
Target Language: Russian
Commission Amount
: $9.90 USD
Number of Pages: 1
Due-Date: 7/25/2006 11:00 PM US Eastern Time (2 Day Turnaround)
Client Location: USA

I have translated the text in about 2 hours and sent it back to the 'customer'. And on my account it was showed that I earned 10 bucks, which I never got back from them. I advised the company to my friend. And I was surprised that he also had the same text I translated. And my Russian Friend also got 10 bucks. After that I started to wonder why are they giving away 10 bucks to every person for the same text. What do you think? Yes, they just were testing our skills. We got 5 out of 5 points. In about a week or so I was assigned to translate another text from a real customer and got another 15 dollars.

A client has rated / reviewed your work:

Russian Translation, 5 out of 5 stars
Very comprehensive translation. Quick and reliable.

Your new average client rating is 5 (5.000).

But when it came to the check at the end of the month, I got this:

Our records indicate that you registered twice. The "..." account has been deactivated.

I asked if they could send me my 25 dollars, but I never heard from them again.

SO, I hope this would be a helpful information for those who would like to work for language scape.

Russian Man beaten to death by Christian in New Jersey, United States of America.

A 26-year-old man was beating an innocent Russian traveler. Russian old man was traveling in the USA with his assistant. While his assistant was in the building of the rest area in NJ State, this tragic event happened. The victim was 75 years old. His Russian Translator in London and Russian Interpreter said that he spent 11 years in prison. Mikhail Makarenko was arrested for anti Soviet propaganda and agitation. Brian K. White killed Russian Citizen with a rock to death because second refused to buy his Christian CDs.
Fortunately, White was arrested by Police after 90-miles-chase.

Russian Theatre - No cellphones

News from Russia. In Russian Theatre - the Alexandrisky in St. Petersburg have been installed a special equipment which blocks mobile ringtones during theatre performance. One of the artist was so mad one day on the scene, that had to scream "Turn off your cell phone and let me finish my speech." However, audience ignored all the signs saying "NO CELL PHONES." The technology is rather expensive, but the Alexandriisky theater wants to protect its artists from the fancy music.

A.S. Pushkin Russian State Academic Drama Theatre - is one of the most famous Alexandriiskiy Theatre and the oldest Russian national theatre.

Russian Translators Chicago Professional Russian-English Transl: Wal-Mart hits Russia

Russian Translators Chicago Professional Russian-English Transl: Wal-Mart hits Russia

Wal-Mart hits Russia

Wal-Mart wants to enter into the Russian market. This was annonced in between words by Wal-Mart representatives. Russian Media writes in newspapers about Wal-Mart's future plans. Russia has become a very attractive place for Wal-Mart. Russia's economy grows, and so household incomes. Wal-Mart was looking into the Russian Market for a long time. We'll see what's going to be nexxxt...

Can a Translator Interprete this???

Sometimes we think that a professional translator can translate or interpret everything...Well, do you think anyone out there will be able to translate this???

Russian Translators Chicago Russian-English Transl: Translator Buys Military Vests and Tactical Equipment

Russian Translators Chicago Russian-English Transl: Translator Buys Military Vests and Tactical Equipment

Translator Buys Military Vests and Tactical Equipment

This blog is focused on bringing you not only the best news about the world of Russian Translation, but on everything about Translations. So, here is a very sad news from Russian Media source.
A man who worked as an Arabic Translator in Iraq was sentenced to 3 years of prison. This Translator tried to offer a bribe to a police official. Faheem Mousa Salam of Livonia was convicted in August to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
The translator offered sixty thousand dollars to an Iraqi policeman. But he thought that his translation services can be spead on arranging the purchase of military vests and other tactical equipment.
The Interpreter tried to make an arrangement with a member of the training group, but who was actually an undercover agent.

New Media Section


We are very proud to announce that our Russian website has a new section.
It is consecrated to Russian Media. If you click that link, you will find there a page to Russian Radio Stations which is kind of neat. All the Russian Radio stations located there I can call the most popular and well-known in Russia. Most all of the Radio Stations are in Russian, but you will be able to find an English versions too.
Pretty soon, we are planning on launching a new page: Russian Television page, where you will find the best Russian TV stations.
So, check on our website frequently.
Best regards.

Latin Language is dying in Church - Pope's Translator said

Pope's translator hired in London announces that Latin is dying in Catholic Church. And now less and less people talk Latin in the Church. Young priests are not studying the language either. 45 years ago you could hear Latin at seminaries, elevators, around the house at San Pancrazio monastery. And Pope is not happy about it. A good comparison was made: listening to St Augustine in English is the same as listening to Mozart through a jukebox. So, every year 130 students will be accepted to a new school where Latin language tradition will be reincarnated.

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