Make your computer write Russian letters

You was always wondering how to make your computer write Russian letters, i.e. letters in Cyrillic. If you are in the non-Russian speaking country, then most probably you don't have Russian letters installed on your computer keyboard. I can show you how you can type these symbols using regular US keyboard. I'm using Windows XP. I also attached an image of a Russian keyboard so that you could see where a particular letter is located. I hope it helps.

Step 1.: Go to Start Menu
Step 2.: Select Control Panel
Step3.: Click on Regional and Language Options
Step4.: In the submenu at the top select Languages
Step5.: You will see "Text services and input languages" - click Details
Step6.: After that you will see Installed services, click Add
Step7.: Add input Language window pops out, select Russian

After going through all these steps you will be able to type Russian letters. To switch in between language bars you should try either pressing CTRL+Shift or Alt+Shift all depending on your settings. So now you can start making Russian letter translation or just communicate with your friends like you are in Russia.

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