International Translator Day

Today is the 30th of September and all translators and interpreters across the world celebrate their professional holiday - International Day of Translator and Interpreter.

Why September 30? Here is the answer - it's the day of death of St. Jerome in 419 or 420. This saint translated the Bible (Vulgate) to Latin language. He is an "official" the patron of interpreters and translators. This holiday was started in 1991 by the International Federation of Translators. More and more people celebrate this holiday (I heard a comment on the news about this translation day).

In 2004, the festival was celebrated under these words: «Translation - the basis of multilingualism and multiculturalism». - which I agree with. «Interpreters are in the heart of communication. As agents of foreign ideas and actions, they form part of a world in which we live. Translation is therefore a determinant of multilingual communication, and at the same time it symbolizes the openness of the people and democracy. » - I think these words are very wise. And hopefully the work of translators and interpreters will be valued more than it was in the past.

In 2005, this festival was celebrated with this slogan: «The responsibility of an interpreter before the profession and society». In 2006, it was celebrated under the following slogan: «A lot of languages - one profession». In 2007, it was celebrated under the slogan: «Do not shoot at courier».

In 2008, the International Day of the translator notes under the slogan: «Terminology: Words have meaning».

In other words, respect Translators and Interpreters! - it's a tough job.

Citations and dates were taken and non certified translated from an open source site.

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