Who are you? OK, good bye! Ty Kto takoi? Davai, do svidania! Russian-Azerbaijan Rap-Song.

We had to write about this 'work of art', because since the end of May 2012 this Youtube video received more than 7 million views. The two singers were invited to Moscow to a popular TV show.

We also would like to put a little note here: a Russian transliteration of the song is Ty kto takoi? Davai, do svidania.

For those of you who don't speak Russian language - these people are singing with a big accent in Russian. But I guess it makes it even more fun. This gathering of mostly men resembles to a wedding or some big event. They start by singing 'Who are you? OK, good bye!' And then they mix Russian, Azerbaijan and Talysh languages.

We asked for a professional Russian translation of one youtube description for this song:

So, it is a wedding in a settlement called Tangerud of Astary district of Talysh region located on the South Eastern part of Azerbaijan. There are two groups of people competing in a verse form (like rap battle). People are making jokes about nothing. They also call this Meykhana - (information from wikipedia) - Meykhana (Azerbaijanimeyxana) is a distinctive Azerbaijani literary and folk rap tradition, consisting of an unaccompanied song performed by one or more people improvising on a particular subject.

And now you can enjoy this video below.

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  1. One thing about the phrase is that it is supposed to be very rude and often serves as an opening line for a fight or an invitation to start a fight. A more accurate translation into English might be: "Who the f* are you? Get out of here!" Well, things are rough in Russia.